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I often have a difficult time settling in and writing my monthly newsletters. Vickie Lester, our creator of the newsletter, often sends me anywhere from 1 to four  reminders to do so. It seems like it gets placed on the bottom of my “To Do” list, but is still of great importance to me. You see, I like writing! I just don’t take the time to do so very much anymore? With that being said, I know that there are many of you that also like doing things that you don’t do much  anymore either. So, take a few minutes to evaluate what these are and take some time to do them! It will make you much happier and become that much more important to your  well-being. I guess what I am saying is this, even if you don’t like reading my newsletters, I still enjoy writing them and I am not going to quit doing so, even if they are a bit behind Mrs. Lester’s deadline for publishing. :)
November is always a great month for us here at Evanston Middle School. The weather is not as nice as it has been in previous months, so the students don’t mind being inside quite as much. This November is also one that we are going to test out the new statewide   testing system by taking the  WY-TOPP interim assessment. WY-TOPP is the replacement for our former state assessment known as PAWS. It will test the performance and proficiency of our students according to the state standards that have been determined for them at each grade level. It will be a  computer-based test, will take less time, and will provide better and more immediate results, so teachers and students can work together to improve areas where there may be deficiencies. This will be the first    WY-TOPP test that our students have taken, and will be a good indicator as to what to expect for the end of the year summative WY-TOPP assessment. We expect to get good data from this practice test, that will help the students work on those things they need to before the one that counts. None of the assessments are graded, as they are only used as tools to see where we need to improve our teaching, so  students can improve their learning.
As far as activities which will be going on this month, I know that there are several. Here are a few of the things going on in the next few weeks: Parent teacher conference, Nov. 3 from 8-12 by appt.; WY-TOPP interim   assessment, November 6-9; Boys swimming, Girls basketball and Wrestling Nov. 4, 11 & 18; EMS Ribbon Cutting  Ceremony Nov. 8 at 10am; 7th & 8th grade Veterans Day Strings Concert Nov. 9 and Thanksgiving Break beginning at 11:35am on Nov. 21-24.
Well I had better get this into the press. I hope you have a great month! We sure do enjoy having your kids attend our school. As you may well know, we are quite proud our facilities and grounds. It is nice to be able to come to such a great environment and mingle with your amazing kids. Happy Thanksgiving!
Eric Christenot