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Hello parents and guardians! I hope you are all enjoying the warmer spring temperatures, the emergence of tulips and daffodils and the melting of the snow piled on your sidewalks and lawns. I know I am glad to see that there is life after the blizzards and dormancy of the winter season. I can sense that your kids are all excited for the spring as they hurriedly exit the building and school grounds as the final bell indicates the end of yet another day of school...

We are all glad that March is in the past as our students have taken their state mandated proficiency exam for the 2016-2017 school year. We had very good turnouts for the testing and hope to see scores that are equally good. We have a great student body and hope that they all took the exam seriously, in order to show that they are learning those things that indicate a successful future.

Evanston Middle School had some great things going on in the month of March including two strings concerts, Reading Rumble, Young Authors, Math Counts, UW Foreign Language, Teton Science School and Third Quarter Awards Assembly. Students were allowed to demonstrate their musical, writing, reading, math, language, science and overall academic skills in all of these competitions and activities. As always, all of our students were well-behaved and represented the families, school and the community of Evanston in a positive light.

April is also filled with several academic and extracurricular activities. Some of the activities include: Spring Break (which is everyone’s favorite), eighth graders going to the Hale Theater, Reading Rumble reward activity, Spanish Dance night activity, EMS Talent Show, Reality Town and Latinos In Action to Univ. of Utah. All should be educational activities and benefit those participating.

It is time to wrap this newsletter up, so I will close with this remark. Your kids are important to us and their education is vital. Please help us to help them by expressing how important their attendance, behavior and academic effort is to their success. We are all in this together and we here at EMS want the best for your kids on a daily basis. Have a great Spring Break and enjoy the extra time with your kids!

Eric Christenot