Evanston Middle School

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Mission Statement

Students and Learning
We Believe:
  • all learners have the potential to learn and succeed
  • all learners have the right to a safe, supportive and rigorous learning environment
  • all learners can be good decision makers and be responsible for their own actions

The School
We Believe:
  • teachers will provide a positive, supportive and motivational classroom to instill confidence and excellence
  • all staff will be a positive role model for students
  • all staff will be facilitators, mentors and learners
  • all staff will have high expectations of all learners
  • the school will set the conditions for success
  • the school will provide feedback on what is expected of the learner
  • the school will assess learning progress towards objectives
  • the school will provide expanded opportunities to all learners who need and want them
  • the school will strive to overcome barriers to learner success
  • the school will support an ongoing system of program improvements that meets the needs of learners and our changing world
Family and Community
We Believe:
  • the family is the child's most important teacher
  • the education of all learners to be the responsibility of family,community, and schools
  • the school benefits from the active participation from all the district's patrons
  • that student success is enhanced through parent involvement and support