-- Consequences for Discipline Policy Violations

**When discipline referrals come to the attention of grade level teams/administration.


Category 1     Category 2     Category 3     (At staff discretion)


1st Offense                                          One day ASD


2nd Offense                                         Two days ASD


3rd Offense    1st Offense                       One day ISS  


4th Offense    2nd Offense                      Two days ISS


5th Offense    3rd Offense                       One day OSS


6th Offense    4th Offense    1st Offense    Three days OSS


7th Offense    5th Offense    2nd Offense   Three - Five days



8th Offense    6th Offense    3rd Offense    Five - Ten days

OSS and/or


for expulsion


ASD = After School Detention 3:00-3:30   

OSS = Out of School Suspension             

ISS = In School Suspension                                  

WR = Work Restitution

LD = Lunch Detention


***Student discipline may be determined on a case by case basis***                        


Teams will determine if and when to allow students to return to step one of category one. Some teams look at offenses by quarter, some by calendar months. Please check with your team if you have questions. If you don’t get a referral, you don’t need to worry!



After school detention is held from 3:00-3:30 Monday-Thursday. Students must be on time and be prepared with homework or a book to read. Students who are not on time or unprepared will be given additional detention days and /or ISS.


If students choose not to attend detention or ISS and are given another consequence as a result, they will still be required to serve the original time assigned.